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5 Best indoor plants for your homes and office

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5 Best indoor plants for your homes and office

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Besides growing lovely plants in our gardens, you can bring them inside your house as well. Houseplants can be placed inside our residences and offices and are mostly used for decorative purposes. The best part of these plants is that they do not require a lot of space. You can place them in tiny little pots and keep them at any corner of your house. Therefore you don’t need to think twice before heading towards Online shopping for indoor plants.

Indoor plants do not need much attention as well. Therefore they can quickly become a part of your busy lifestyle. It does not really matter if you don’t have much knowledge about plants or even if you are not very passionate about plants. Indoor plants are suitable for beginners. If you have just started thinking about getting plants to your home or your workplace and have no clue where to begin from? We are here to tell you interesting facts about some plants that can easily be kept in your office and your house.


Also named as the Ficus Maclellandii, this indoor plant is famous for its slender shape, long leaves. It is for this reason that this plant is also known as the banana leaf fig. This plant can tolerate low light and it rarely sheds its leaves. The word Alii means king. It is for this reason that the plant is also called Amstel king. Its leaves are quite broad, which appear to be reddish-brown initially and gradually change to dark green. it is  looking very beautiful when we put it on House Security Doors .


Originally found in the tropical region of forests of Africa got its name due to it belonging to that region. Another name for this plant is Ficus Cyathistipula. They grow as shrubs or small trees. A soggy soil would harm the plant as these plants prefer to get dried out before receiving water. One way to figure out whether the soil is moist or dry is to look at the leaves. Brown leaves are indicative of the soil being moist. These plants require seven to eight hours of sunlight.


A common name that pops on the top of the list when people plant to Order plants online is the Indian rubber plant. Rubber bush, rubber fig or the rubber tree has been scientifically named as the Ficus elastica. Morning sunlight is best suited to this plant’s growth. If placing it inside your house, you must keep it near an east-facing window. Rubber plants grow well in warm temperatures. If you don’t want them to grow big, you may plant them in a small pot. Doing so will restrict the growth of the plant. Remember to place it in aerated soil that is well-draining too.


Belonging to the genus of the palm tree, Caryota or the fishtail palm can grow up to a height of 20 feet. It has been so named because of the shape of its leaves which resemble that of a fish’s tail. It is found that clusters of berries usually hang around the plant. These berries are green initially however they turn red when they start to get ripe. It is good to add fertilizer to fishtail but one must not do it during the winter season. This plant requires a warm temperature for its sufficient growth.


Dracaena fragrans or the corn plant is a flowering plant that can grow from 15 to 50 feet high. They require a moderate amount of moisture in the soil for their growth. This plant is very old in the list of indoor plants as people have always been purchasing it to place it under the roof. It is best known for removing harmful toxic contents from the air.

There is an unending list of plants that can be purchased to bring inside your house. Although these plants are very easy to look after. You must still be aware of their requirements. Before you plan to Buy indoor plants online, you must do a bit of research about the weather conditions suited to your plants. Some plants are believed to be harmful to animals. Thus, if you have animals at your home, you must be very cautious about the plants. You can place these plants somewhere away from the reach of animals and may choose to hang them instead of keeping them on the floor.

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