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Delicious Desserts you must try on this Raksha Bandhan

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Raksha Bandhan


Indian festivals are not just an amalgamation of traditions, customs and emotions but also of some melange of good food and desserts. Raksha Bandhan is one such joyous festival that seems to be incomplete without celebrating it over some desserts. All year round, siblings gear up to pamper each other with some nice gifts, order a beautiful rakhi along with rakhi delivery in Gurgaon or wherever the celebrations are taking place and some sweet dessert items. As every sibling duo shares a somewhat sweet and sour kind of relationship, everything on this day needs to be sweet hence it is believed desserts would do the trick and sweeten up the Rakhi moments. If you are wondering which delicious desserts you can bring into your Rakhi celebrations, this year, then here’s a list of the same. Consider the same and witness some beaming smile over your sibling’s beautiful faces.

Gulab Jamun– This dessert item is not just a dessert item for us Indians but rather an emotion in itself. No one can ever imagine rakhi celebrations without marking it over some dark brown coloured Gulab Jamuns. You can ditch your local halwai and make this dessert of your own for your siblings. Gulab Jamun is a dessert which is made with khoya, nuts and thereby dipped nicely in thick sugar syrup.

Date Rolls – Dates or khajoor are royal dry fruits which when rolled into thin stripes of dry fruits and dates turn into date rolls.

Chocolate Kaju Katli – We are pretty sure that everyone loves kaju katli. But after relishing these diamond-shaped cashew delicacies year after year on Rakhi celebrations people are probably bored which is why chocolate kaju katli seems like a perfect dessert item. Chocolate kaju katli brings out the best of ethnicity combined with a dash of modernity which is what makes this dessert a major hit amongst little kiddos too.

Chocolate Cake – Now traditionally cakes as a Rakhi dessert didn’t exist but it was brought by this generation’s bakers for all the good, delicious reasons. Everyone loves to bake a cake out of their love for their loved ones but everyone loves to dig even more into it. There are many chocolate cake recipes online, some made with eggs, some others made without eggs, some made with fruit toppings whereas some others made with chocolate ganache topping – you can consider any kind of these chocolate cake recipes for Raksha Bandhan.

Pinaca – It’s an authentic Goan dessert item wherein a rice flour dough is kneaded into small balls filled with the goodness of coconut shavings and jaggery.

Churros – Covered with cinnamon sugar icing, churros are long, crispy fried laces of dough that seem to make a crowd-pleasing dessert item. Churros are a Spanish origin dessert item that is relished by dipping them in a bowl full of melted chocolate. Everyone at your Rakhi celebration is sure to love your idea of pampering them with churros – trust us, on that!

Payasam – Payasam is a traditional South Indian dessert. It is a kind of kheer made with milk, little rice, cardamom and coconut shavings. The creaminess of this dessert is sure to leave your sibling happy teary-eyed. Unlike other dessert items, Payasam needs to be served hot to leave everyone salivating.

Mango Sandesh – Straight out of the land of sweet desserts i.e. West Bengal, a Mango Sondesh (Sandesh) can be easily made by whipping up some cottage cheese, powdered sugar, mango pulp and milk, at the comfort of the home.

So, these were some drool-worthy dessert items that you must surely try on the upcoming occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

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