May 26, 2024

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Insanely Creative Hacks to Decorate Your Living Room

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Decorate Your Living Room


A living room is a place where all family members gather for some “we” time. It is also the room where most guests are seated. When a room is so important, why not decorate it according to the latest trends? If wise decisions are made, then something as simple as redesigning the TV wall unit can bring tremendous aesthetic variations. Sometimes you don’t need to have the highest budget but the right décor ideas to lighten a dull space. So if you’re willing to instill life in your boring living room, follow the below-shared hacks for a splendid makeover.

1. Leverage Eye-Catching Colors

You don’t always have to use bold colors to attract peoples’ attention. The right combination of neutral or light colors can also do the trick. You can place furniture of blue, green, or turquoise colors in combination and see the magic. If you have a dining table 4 seater, consider purchasing an ottoman of a contrasting color, and place it nearby. You can also consider repainting the room walls to change the vibes.

2. Use Pictures & Artistic Items

If you value art, you will love this idea. You can get sophisticated art pieces and place them carefully, making them the focal points. You can purchase beautiful sculptures, classic paintings, and antiques for a greater visual impact. If you’re tight on décor budget, you can get a photo ledge to demonstrate your most favorite pictures.

3. Get a Dazzling Light Fixture

A big hanging lighting fixture can never go out of style. If your living room doesn’t receive enough natural light, and you need quite a lot of artificial light to illuminate the space, consider buying a multi-bulb display light fixture. A striking feature of this element is its visual appearance. Whether you turn on the lights or not, the hanging light fixture will continue being an attention grabber.

4. Create Visual Interest

Big living rooms can be visually divided by using intricate pattern work. For example, if you primarily want to highlight the conversational area in your living room, you may consider painting the walls of that particular portion with a floral print and a neutral color. The pattern and background color can change for other sections.The pattern and background color can change for other sections or consider using sections of exposed aluminium sheet to add texture to the room.”

5. Style Your Throw Pillows

If your sofa set looks plain boring, you can add in some stylish throw pillows. The market is full of throw pillows of different patterns, designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. You can either go ahead with the traditional square throw pillows or try something new. As throw pillows are not expensive, you can consider getting an extra pair or two of varying design so you can replace them later or hours before guests arriving.

Besides the hacks shared above, you can try changing the furniture seating to enhance mobility or functionality, add a statement piece at the center table, brush one side of the wall with a bold color, and a lot more. Start making changes today, and see the mind-blowing results.

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