May 26, 2024

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Love and Support: Two Crucial Things to Deal with an Addict

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Deal with an Addict


There are less chances that you addicted friend or family member will readily listen to whatever to have to say. Addiction has molded their brain in a way that they are incapable of seeing anything beyond it. Listening to something against it won’t come easy to them. You cannot force an addict to go to the treatment center as it would make them violent. What you can do is to convince them through your words and acts. These acts and words must be of love and support and not blame and guilt as these would turn them away from you.

Though it is true that their addiction has messed life up for you, you cannot present that truth in a brutal way before them. They are already hiding their situation and open blaming can make them slither away from any conversation or confrontation. They must be dealt with loads of love while you slowly bring the topic of addiction, treatment and withdrawal symptoms up. Being patient with them is the key to success though it is tough to have it in such situation. You must prepare yourself for the worst to find the best results. The tough times will pass, and you will get your loved one back from the clutches of addiction.

Be gentle with your words

Words are powerful enough to work on an addict if you can choose the right person to deliver it at the right time. Talking about addiction is all about carefully choosing the rights- the right people, right time, and the right place. You need them to be in a comfortable atmosphere as you are about to break a sensitive conversation. You must strive to choose the right people as well if you want someone to go after you. Placing anyone before them is not the solution. They won’t like to hear about it from someone with whom they are not comfortable. Bringing close friends or coworkers to break the issue can make them listen to whatever all of you have to talk about.

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