June 14, 2024

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What Can You Expect From a Google Ads Agency?

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It’s easy to become enthusiastic about the potential of running advertisements using Google AdWords when you initially decide to do so. The following can assist in outlining some of the things to anticipate from your Google Ads agency as you continue to work together on the platform.

Before we get into what Google Ads agencies should be doing to manage your Google Ads, let’s go through all the many titles and methods marketers refer to Google Ads. PPC ad management, SEM (search engine marketing), paid search advertisements, and pay-per-click are all phrases that indicate the same thing.

It makes even more sense in today’s society, where keywords have gotten less strict. You should also be aware that Google Advertisements is not the only game in town; Bing and Microsoft ads are also available. Now that we’ve established what we’re talking about let’s look at whether your Google Ads agency is running a successful Google Ads programme.

Setting Up and Planning Google Ads

Every great Google Ads campaign begins with preparation. Google ads agency in Sydney should assist you in determining all of your settings based on budget, objectives, quality score, and other factors. Your Google Advertisements agency will then maintain the health of your ad campaign, allowing them to present relevant ads that are clicked on by people seeking what you have to offer over time.

They may do this in a variety of methods, including manipulating bids, negative keywords, and more. Before making any of these suggestions, your agency should conduct an audit of your current account. If you have previously been offered a strategy without first reviewing your current account, flee!!

Let’s begin with the campaign options:

  • Objectives:

What is the campaign’s objective? Each sort of objective unlocks a new set of configurations that you may use.

  • Keyword Research:

For each service, we evaluate our clients’ websites and produce keyword lists using Google Ads’ keyword planner. Combining a term with just one more word may sometimes make all the difference in the world.

This helps us to supplement current keywords while also determining which keywords should be replaced.

  • Campaign Types:

Where do your advertisements appear? Within Google Ads, there are several sorts of ad campaigns. This post focuses mostly on Google search advertisements, but did you realize there are other more methods to promote on the platform? View the Google Ads suite of products in this article.

  • Finances:

What are the budgets for each campaign as well as the overall campaign? It is critical to examine how money is distributed on a monthly basis.

  • Bid Strategy Types:

This is a difficult one with several alternatives. Choosing the incorrect approach for your Google Ads might spell catastrophe.

  • Languages:

We typically recommend English, although you may have someone who is targeting a different nation.

  • Devices:

Do your adverts appear on mobile, desktop, or both? Did you realize you may raise your bids depending on the device?

  • Guidelines:

It’s easy to miss this, but does your Google Ads agency use rules to guarantee your campaign runs smoothly?

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