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9 Steps to Successful Senior Living Marketing

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Senior Living Marketing


Senior living marketing is a strategy that many businesses in Columbus, Ohio overlook. It can be easy to think that this group of Columbus residents does not have as much purchasing power as others. Still, the reality is that seniors are one of the fastest-growing groups in the region, and they also spend more money than any other age group on online purchases.

We all know how important it is to ensure we’re up-to-date with current trends, so if you haven’t already started thinking about senior living digital marketing Columbus Ohio, then now’s the time! In this article, we will cover nine ways to execute a successful senior living marketing strategy.

What is senior living marketing?

Senior living marketing is promoting senior living communities in Columbus to potential residents, families, and the surrounding community through the help of a digital marketing agency Columbus. The goal is to get more people in your doors so you can increase revenue!

Why is senior living marketing important?

Senior living marketing strategies are vital for any business looking to attract seniors or anyone who has an aging parent. Seniors have a myriad of options for where they want to live out their days (and rightfully so), which means if you’re not adding value through your advertising, then there are plenty of others competing with you for this demographic’s attention.

How is senior living marketing changing?

As technology changes rapidly, so do consumer behaviors. This means that all aspects of our daily lives – including how we shop – are shifting (and for the better). It used to be that people would shop in-person, read newspapers and magazines or watch television ads.

Nowadays, you can find almost anything online with a simple Google search; there are also mobile apps galore that make it easier than ever before to purchase whatever product they’re looking for (even if it means buying something directly from their phone).

How to have a successful senior living marketing?

There are many ways that companies in Columbus, Ohio can market themselves successfully these days, especially when targeting seniors.

However, what makes marketing so tricky is staying up-to-date on all of the latest trends and knowing how specific strategies will work best depending on your business type (this is where a digital marketing agency comes in). Here are nine ways to have a successful senior living marketing strategy.

1. Update your website

Your website is the first thing that your audience will see when they’re looking for information about you. Therefore, the website must look fresh and up-to-date with recent photos or videos of what’s happening in your community.

When designing a new website, ensure it has easy navigation so users can locate specific information quickly and test out any interactive tools such as calculators or virtual tours. Ensure all contact details are displayed on each page along with the hours of operation, so people know how to get in touch if necessary (e.g., email address, phone number).

2. Content is still king

Content is still king when it comes to senior living marketing. Never underestimate the power of valuable content that educates, informs, and entertains readers. According to a recent study by Demand Metric, companies with blogs generate 50% more leads than those without blogs.

Make sure you are creating original blog posts on your website at least twice per week about relevant topics in your industry or related industries (e.g., home care services) while also curating other content every day for republishing across all social media channels throughout the business week (Monday through Friday).

Another important aspect of creating engaging content is using visuals such as infographics or videos whenever possible. In fact, according to Kissmetrics’ report “The Power of Visuals,” including videos in webpages increased the average time spent on pages by 85%.

3. Optimize your website’s SEO

If you want to appear on the first page of Google, you need to make sure your website optimized for SEO. You can hire an SEO expert Columbus or do it yourself if you are tech-savvy with tools like SEMrush.

SEO optimization also helps in increasing brand awareness and web traffic.

4. Start a marketing initiative

There are several marketing initiatives you can start with. One is to offer free consultations or seminars for potential customers about the senior living industry and how it relates to their needs.

Another initiative you can take advantage of is having a referral program that rewards current residents, family members, employees, etc., if they refer people who end up buying your services. It will help generate leads as well as increase customer loyalty!

5. Build relationships on social media and your blog

A successful senior living marketing strategy is not just about creating content. It also involves growing your presence on social media channels throughout the business week (Monday through Friday).

The best way to do that is by using tools like Buffer or Hootsuite that allow you to schedule posts ahead of time, so they are distributed automatically during peak hours when users are most active online. By having this kind of control over your post distribution, we think one can expect their engagement rates to increase exponentially and lead generation.

It’s essential to be consistent with posting across all channels because different audiences prefer different platforms; ensure you know which platform(s) work for each audience to maximize results.

6. Manage your reputation

In the world of marketing, your reputation is everything. Your business will fail to generate leads and customers without a positive reputation because no one wants to work with an unreliable or untrustworthy company.

The best way to manage your online reputation is by proactively engaging in social media platforms and responding directly to customer reviews on sites like Yelp! If you receive a negative review, it’s crucial to address the problem and thank them for bringing it up so you can fix any issues in the future.

This type of proactive engagement helps build trust with potential customers since they know how dedicated you are to resolving problems quickly and effectively. By actively participating in these digital conversations surrounding your brand, potential clients have more opportunities than ever before to see what other people think about your senior living facility and whether or not they would like to make a purchase.

7. Take advantage of Google AdWords

Google AdWords offers an easy way to increase your exposure and drive more foot traffic through a Columbus PPC company into your senior living facility. By paying for higher placement in Google’s search results, you can ensure that when someone searches for related keywords (i.e., “senior care,” “assisted living,” etc.), they will see a link directing them straight to the information on your website or blog post about what makes your brand special.

8. Update your entire staff on sales strategies

Your staff needs to be on the same page as far as sales strategy goes. Suppose you have a marketing initiative going on. In that case, your team needs to be informed and know how they can help support the program by upselling senior care options or even just supporting it with their excellent customer service skills.

9. Use a CRM to track leads

A CRM can be a great tool that allows you to track all of your leads. You’ll then have the ability to see which sales strategies are most successful and what areas need more attention or an update so you can continue building relationships with potential residents/clients.


To maintain success in today’s world of digital marketing for senior living facilities, use all these tips together so that your facility can stand out from the rest!

By utilizing these strategies consistently over time, you will see continued growth and more traffic in your residential community. Senior living communities must adapt if they want to stay afloat in this very competitive industry!

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