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All About the HIFU Treatment

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HIFU Treatment


HIFU is an abbreviation for high-intensity focused ultrasound, a therapy that may tighten, lift, and shape the skin at various tissue depths. It may be used for both the face and the body.

What exactly does HIFU do?

HIFU, like most energy-based treatments, aims to create controlled damage to the collagen in your skin. HIFU does this by focusing its sound-energy waves on a single location. These do not strike the skin’s surface, as a laser would, but rather a predefined point up to 4.5mm beneath the skin’s surface. Each ultrasound shock aims to hit deep into the skin, contracting the collagen and stimulating the development of new collagen and elastin over the next several months, tightening the skin even more.

It can tighten at three different depths (1.5mm, 3mm, and 4.5mm) below the surface. The ultrasound can reach the superficial muscular aponeurotic system at 4.5mm below the skin’s surface (SMAS). The SMAS is a layer of muscle tissue in the face that surgeons modify during a facelift.

Is HIFU harmful?

Because it is a short operation with few noticeable side effects, HIFU is commonly referred to as a “lunchtime facelift.” However, there may be some redness and swelling afterwards, so Some little bruising may occur the next day, but downtime is often minimal. To be very honest, most individuals find HIFU extremely unpleasant, if not painful. Many practitioners will urge patients to take pain relievers before the procedure or may use a topical anaesthetic. This pain, however, happens only during the therapy and is brief.

Is HIFU effective?

Every patient is distinct, as are their problems and anatomy, but in brief, HIFU ‘works.’ It’s a good option for people with moderately aged, sagging skin and/or jowls and want overall skin tightening and rejuvenation so their face looks lifted and smoother. In addition, because HIFU is a one-time treatment with results that can last up to 18 months, it may be an excellent place to start if you’re unsure if injectables are for you or don’t want to commit to a course of treatments.

What is the price of HIFU?

While the cost of HIFU procedures in Singapore varies depending on the clinic’s location, practitioner experience and skill level, and a variety of other factors, you can expect to pay upwards of $1,000 for a HIFU treatment.

How does HIFU affect the body?

HIFU can be used on the body to target the fat layer and destroy fat cells, making it ideal for post-pregnancy body contouring or for use on tummy fat, bingo wings, thighs, and under the buttocks. It is popular among practitioners and patients because it is effective for both inch loss and fat loss while also tightening the skin.

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