June 14, 2024

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Anticipated in 2024: 11 Trends in Web Development as Predicted by Experts and Supported by Data

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Web Development as Predicted


2024 has started with a lot of anticipation. With many technical things, web development is also taking its turn in changing approach and formation. In the current year, several impending changes are already been talked about in the web market. The quests for website design and development are possibly going to change with the new trends in web development.

The predicted changes that are supported by experts are as follows –

Progressive Web Apps or PWA – PWA is a type of application software built by using common web technologies such as HTML and JavaScript. PWA works on any device with a normal browser. When you search for “web design services near me” to connect with and ask experts to create advanced designs for websites, they may use PWA, which will benefit from –

  • Creating an immersive user experience
  • Increase user engagement at a high conversion rate

Internet of Things – IoT is defined by network-enabled devices, which hold a strong position in the current upgrades in web development. It creates a future that observes a distant reality. The benefits of IOT web development are as follows –

  • IOT provides accurate results without delays with data transfer
  • It can automate tasks and processes by increasing efficiency and cutting costs
  • It supports powerful security technology
  • It helps the developers gather more insights, analyze the behaviors of customers, and improve user experiences

Accelerated Mobile Pages – Accelerated mobile pages are certainly going to be the hottest website development trends. Website development services can use this trend for more user-oriented, appealing technology. AMP-optimized pages can rank better than other mobile web pages. The AMP pages load in about 2 seconds, which is faster than non-AMP pages. The benefits for which the experts from web development in Columbus would prefer AMP are –

  • Easy optimization for search engines
  • Low bounce rates
  • Adjusted to any browser
  • Creating sitemaps to be identified by search engines is not required
  • Low developmental costs

Voice Search Optimization – As a client company, you can search for a leading “website development company near me” online to garner support in web development. Voice Search Optimization is one of the most crucial factors to consider in 2024. It is gaining fast popularity, while the devices can show users appropriate results on voice search. Truly, this service is not without glitches to date, but a steady improvement can be expected with time.

The reasons for using Voice Search Optimization are –

  • Effective for local SEO campaigns
  • Can answer customer queries faster
  • More convenient method with the web while the user is engaged in different other tasks

Content Personalization with Machine Learning – Predictive content personalization can help provide the most relevant content for your website. As a client company, you can search for “website design services near me” for the best content personalization services for improved web design and development efforts. The benefits of this service for web development are –

  • Analyzing site navigation paths, view durations
  • Getting more insights than A/B testing can traditionally garner

Motion UI – For responsive web design services, you need motion UI. This technology is going to enable users to create motion within a native application setting. You can search online for “web development agency near me” to find experts to consult regarding the matter. The benefits of this program are –

  • Easy to implement, as a developer does not need to be a programming language expert
  • It makes web design more effective by helping users find the exact information according to their search
  • Enables prototyping of animated elements faster
  • Increases engagement and improves usability

Micro-Froentends – The recent web development trend tends to break the web development monoliths into smaller parts. The benefits of this trend are –

  • It can simplify large-scale workflow systems
  • The codebases are smaller and more manageable
  • Each front can be sealed independently
  • Promotes reusability

Serverless Architecture – It is also known as serverless computing. It is a software model where apps are hosted by a third party. The benefits of this model are –

  • Requires less computing power and human resources
  • Improved scalability
  • Developers get more time to focus on UX

Single Page Applications – Single-page applications or SPA has multiple benefits. Most of the advanced applications in the market like Google, Twitter, and Facebook use SPA. The benefits of SPA are

  • The better SEO optimization feature
  • Faster loading speed
  • Easy navigation

Dark Mode – This was introduced in 2020. It is a color scheme for releasing eye strain. The benefits of this new trend are –

  • Reducing eye strain, especially in low-light conditions
  • Consumes less battery when dark mode is used
  • Blue light emission is less when the dark mode is on


Modern websites follow several new trends. When you are searching for prominent website design services, you need to search for experts, who may help you with advanced trends that are about to be time-tested in the new era.

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