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Flaunt your finger with the mesmerizing diamond rings!

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diamond rings


Rings are a symbol of promise. You can give a ring to anybody, but if you want to give a ring to someone special, go all out with a diamond ring. You can also gift a ring to yourself! There are a number of types, shapes, sizes, and other characteristics that you need to consider before choosing “the” ring. Read on to know how you can flaunt your finger with the most beautiful diamond ring.

Choosing from all the options you get of diamond rings is a daunting task. But it will be all worth it when you find the ring of your dreams. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before picking a ring for yourself, your partner or your loved ones. Giving a ring to someone is a big deal; that is why choosing the best is the most important part of the whole process. Need not worry; we will tell you how you can choose the perfect diamond ring on your budget and the design that you like. Here are the steps (4C’s) that will help you pick the best diamond ring.

Choose the shape (cut) of your diamond- selecting the shape of your diamond for the diamond ring is just the starting step but the most important step in the process. All shapes are great; it totally depends on your preference and what shape you like the most. The most popular diamond shape is the round, oval and cushion cut. Other cuts include princess, emerald, Asscher, heart, pear, marquise, and radiant cut.

Select the carat weight- Depending on your budget and size preference; you can choose the carat range. If you are looking for a diamond/ stone that is noticeable enough but doesn’t look too much, you should choose a carat size of up to 0.95 to 1.08. Remember, the carat size will determine the price and the size of the diamond.

Determine the colour grade range of your diamond- This part will play a crucial role in making or breaking the look of your diamond in your ring. Diamonds that have an absence of colours are known for being of good quality and value. Diamond colours are graded from D to Z, D being the most colourless and good quality diamond. Experts recommend that people buying diamonds ring should choose from the colour grade of D-M. If it affects your budget and you can do with a little yellow tint, you can choose a colour grade ranging from N-R. S-Z is not recommended by experts as it has very noticeable brown or yellow tinting.

Select the clarity grade- The last step of the 4C’s is to select the clarity grade, which means you should not be able to see any blemishes on the diamond with the naked eye. An eye-clean diamond usually ranges from VS1- VS2 range, depending on the shape of your diamond. FL and IF are the top ranges, but VS1- VS2 are similar but less expensive. So why pay more when you can get the same in less.

These were the 4C’s of choosing a diamond for your ring that will make your ring and your finger look better!

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