June 14, 2024

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How Can You Creatively Promote Your Brand?

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You Creatively Promote Your Brand


The market is getting more and more competitive, so you need to think of a certain new strategy to stand out in the market. In this small post, we are going to share a few creative ideas on how you can promote your business.

People so far have been using custom shopping bags bought from Custom Earth Promos during their marketing campaign. However, there are a few more fresh approaches needed, to survive in this competitive market scenario.

1. Go for a guerilla approach

You can go for guerilla marketing tactics without a massive budget. A few reasons why these tactics can help you stand out:

  • Usually, they are quite unique
  • They are location specific
  • There is an element of surprise
  • Capable of going viral
  • They can be memorable.

2. Get social

These days, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin are becoming popular as many people spend their time using them. By advertising or making your presence on such media can help you to directly communicate with your prospects.

You can also widen your audience by having your presence in such media.

3. Partner up

One more way of promoting your business in the coming years will be partnering with trusted companies who are also engaged in similar business, but not your competitors.

They can be your ancillary companies or vendors whose business will also grow if you can prosper. Find a few such partners.

4. Be real and be helpful

Besides making new resolutions in the new year and making certain promises, you can do a few real things that also be useful for your customers. Some of the initiatives that you can take are:

  • Offer more info about your products
  • Offer training
  • Offer loyalty gifts
  • Take eco-friendly measures.

5. Consider events

You can also organize certain events to showcase your products where you can organize a certain competition where you can offer your products as a gift.

If you are planning to launch a new product this year then call any celebrity while organizing your events so that you can campaign before a large gathering.

6. Reusable Drinkware

There are diverse categories of reusable drinkware that may include things like

  • Insulated mugs
  • Folding water bottles
  • Tumblers
  • Aluminum or stainless-steel bottles
  • Eco-friendly straws
  • Coffee mugs

All such things if you use as giveaways then it can attract many new customers for your product or service.

7. Seed Paper

Although a lot of push is there to go digital with various documents, however, still there is a need for brochures, business cards, pamphlets, and various other paper items. Prefer to use seed paper where you will need any paper-based promotional product.

Seed paper is usually recycled content paper having seeds embedded within the stock.

8. Eco-promo items

Try to use various eco-friendly promo items such as notepads, pens, lanyards, by using certain useful eco-promo items so that it can remind people about your company.

You too may brainstorm with your marketing staff and find a few more strategies.

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