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In 2021, what should include in a baby hamper?

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a baby hamper?


When putting together a baby hamper, remember that most parents today value quality and functionality – think about products they will use rather than things that would clutter up their homes.

If you know the person you’re gifting well, you’ll probably know what they want or need, or you can ask them. If you’re going to keep it a surprise, stay reading for some ideas on how to make the perfect hamper.

Ideas for Hampers – The Essentials Basket

If you want to make your hamper, here are some ideas for goods to put in a “essentials” basket for mom and baby.

Large necessities box:

  • Nappies (find out if the parents-to-be prefer cloth or disposable nappies)
  • Baby balm
  • Bibs
  • Baby-friendly bath gel, moisturiser, and nipple balm (for breastfeeding mums)
  • Wipes for babies
  • Baby nail clippers (good baby stores sell babies’ basic grooming/medicine kits).
  • thermometer for infants
  • A muslin/baby rug/wrap
  • Brush your baby’s hair
  • Travel changing pad for on-the-go Baby bag
  • Singlets, shirts, and socks
  • Baby over-the-counter medications such as Panadol or gripe water
  • Utensils for feeding.

A unique twist: If you’re attending a large baby shower, you can consider putting together a gift hamper for when the baby is three months or twelve months old. That way, parents won’t receive a slew of newborn clothes or items the baby will never wear or use. They grow quite quickly in their first year, requiring them to buy new garments three to four times! Some newborns don’t even wear 0000 newborn clothing (the size of an average-sized Australian baby) before switching to 000 (0-3 months) apparel!

Simple and lovely hamper ideas

Using the four-gift guideline, a nice simple hamper could include the following:

  • A snuggle toy (rule #1) is Something they won’t – think is “fun.”
  • A skincare product (#2 item required)
  • A baby outfit/singlet (number three). If your baby is expected to get a lot of gifts, choose a larger size than 0-3 months.)
  • A challenging book for the baby’s hands to grasp (#4).
  • + add Something for mum/siblings if you want!

Ideas for Hampers – Larger, more valuable goods

Other suggestions if you’re attending a baby shower in person and have room for larger items:

  • A toy teether/baby play area
  • Weaning baby floor seat/baby cutlery and feeding set
  • A baby clothing or blanket
  • A picture book or story picture book that they will treasure for years to come, plus an item for mum/siblings if desired! Breastfeeding tea, dry shampoos, face masks, a baby bag, a portable change mat, a breastfeeding cover, chocolates for a treat or healthy snacks for when parents don’t have time to cook, cleaning vouchers, pram accessories such as a cup holder or a portable coffee cup The sky is truly the limit, but hopefully these ideas have encouraged you to come up with more.

Baby’s gender

Consider the gender of the baby while creating a gift basket. If unsure of the baby’s gender, adhere to neutral tones while selecting clothing or linen, such as whites, yellows, greys, creams, browns, pastels, and so on. The benefit of purchasing unisex colour tones is that objects can be reused for any succeeding children, regardless of gender. Is there truly any “gender” colour these days? That is all up to you.

Presentation of a hamper

You might be creative and make a “nappy cake,” which is a popular baby shower gift, or you could be more modern and offer your gift in:

  • A diaper bag
  • A baby bath (they are roughly $15 at most bargain department stores.)
  • A basket made of rattan
  • A box with ribbon (our hampers are distributed by postal service throughout Australia). Plus, the receiver is satisfied with “unboxing” all the little surprises within!)
  • A new diaper bin/tub
  • A toy storage container or box for the baby’s play area
  • A substantial muslin (you might wrap and tie your present in muslin). There is no packaging other than what you tie it with!).

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