June 14, 2024

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Why English Fluency is the New Success Mantra for Corporate Environment?

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English is a standard office communication language because it connects people from different regions, backgrounds, and mother tongues. Moreover, it is one of the commonly spoken languages by foreign customers and clients.

Corporates require candidates fluent in the English language to build interpersonal relationships within and outside the organization. Moreover, a grasp over fluency helps to understand the listener and provide the desired results.

5 Reasons That Make English Fluency the New Success Mantra for Corporate Environment

●    Portrays a Professional Image

Recruiters feel more confident in an employee fluent in English as it portrays a professional image. The employer can become reliant on such employees to avoid common errors while communicating in any manner.

As a result, the employer may even ask such employees to participate in business videos used for influencing clients and customers or marketing. Moreover, the professional image helps the industry member realize the importance of the company and its owners.

●    Saves Money

Hiring people fluent in English saves money and time for the organization. The company no longer requires to conduct workshops or seminars related to spoken English. Moreover, employees spend more time in growing the company financially.

Besides this, the HR, team leaders, and other middle management members don’t need to ask employees to communicate in English within the organization, as they already do. The money saved by avoiding spoken English workshops can serve other purposes like team building activities, vacation, marketing, etc.

●    Effective Interpersonal Communication

Effective English communication through a command of fluency leads to build interpersonal relationships within and outside the organization. Therefore, leaders of a company constantly inform employees to communicate in spoken and written English as much as possible.

However, English is a second language for most Indian employees. So, recruiters have become more focused on hiring employees with good English fluency to build interpersonal relationships among different teams.

●    Understands Different Types of Communicators

Whether an employee is communicating with a client, customer, or colleague, English fluency helps to obtain the desired goals. It means the employee becomes more effective and skilled in reaching the targets set by the company and satisfying the audience by understanding different types of communicators.

As a result, the organizational growth progresses at a much faster pace than expected. Moreover, employers become more reliant on such employees and even offer promotions to guide or influence other members of their team. Additionally, such employees can help to reach new goals or even figure out unknown territories.

●    Builds Relationships

English fluency helps to foster relationships while traveling abroad, especially for official work. Most countries have English as their primary language of communication. Therefore, employers need people fluent in the language so that they can build relationships.

As mentioned before, English is the second language of communication in India. So, employers have become reluctant to find the most fluent speakers suitable for such roles. At times, they might even promote the employees to manage an office abroad.

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