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Comparison Between Screen Technologies- OLED Versus Led TV

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Comparison Between Screen Technologies- OLED Versus Led TV


The majority of television bought by customers nowadays comes with LCD screen Technology and since they make use of LED backlight there are also referred to as LED LCD TV or called LED TV.Another screen Technology that is gaining popularity is OLED, which is known to produce high-quality pictures and audio.In this article, we will be discussing the difference between these two screen Technologies. It will help you in understanding which one to go for.

LED TV versus OLED

Screen technologies make use of panels that generate millions of pixels which helps in creating high-quality crystal clear pictures however internally the two screen types work differently.


Screen technology: LED TV makes use of lighting that is placed either along the sides, bottom, or top of the screen. Edge-lit lighting enables building ultra-thin television. Another way is direct net pack slides where the lighting is done across the entire backside of the screen.Another enhancement that has an LED TV is quantum dots nanocrystals that generate red off green light when combined with TVS blue backlight.

Picture quality: Another advantage is that it produces a better quality of pictures. It comes with black case colours and better brightness improving your TV viewing experience.

Size and price: LED is available in different sizes that range from 48 inches to 77. As compared to is there more reasonable. These screens are available in HD as well as 4K Ultra HD models.

Highly energy efficient: Apart from high quality of picture LED televisions also combat high energy efficiency as compared to LCD the consumes very low energy which means they are almost reducing 50% of your power consumption.

Display: LED television screens do not make use of Mercury for generating light in the display panel and come with better contrast as compared to LCD screens.

Better life span: LED TV screens come with a better life span and are more reliable as well.


OLED or Organic light-emitting diode makes use of an organic substance which when coming in contact with the electric current gets activated which further generates carbon-based material that will be the pixel layer for your screen.

Backlight: The OLED screen comes with independent light control so it does not need any kind of backlight. It comes with a few layers’ techniques and is easy to build.

Display: OLED comes with exceptional contrast and black levels which make sure that your picture quality comes with a high level of precision and control. The screen can easily produce an absolute black and infinite contrast ratio.As each pixel emits its light, which means they emit full darkness.

Size and price: OLED delivers superior quality pictures thus they can be a little pricey. However, this screen is only available in 4K.

Power consumption:Since they emit absolute darkness, OLED emits light only when necessary thus it consumes very little energy.

Thin and light: Gone are the days when boxy television sets were in fashion, OLED has revolutionized TV viewing by making it more stylish. You can easily find a TV in less than 3mm thickness. High-quality display, stylish, and energy-efficient makes OLED the best investment.

Viewing angle: No matter your viewing angle, with OLED you will find the same picture quality which is lacking in LED TV where the picture becomes distorted from sideways.

To sum up

If buying television and your priority is on screen size with the budget, then going for an Android LED TV will give you various options. Sanyo Kaizen Android TV provides the perfect LED experience with 4K technology. However, if you are inclined to better picture quality and find yourself adjusting it now and then, an OLED TV will provide you what you need.

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